The Womb Blessing & Womb Healing Sessions– Female Energy Awakening

The Womb Blessing – Female Energy Awakening is an ‘attunement.


It can also be called a synchronization, a harmonization, or an alignment. It is a powerful and transformational energy technique which connects you deeply to the Divine Feminine and aligns you with Her energy to heal and transform your vibration and awareness. ✨


It is a personal, spiritual and world path for women to awaken to their femininity, to heal their disharmony, and to live a female conscious life.

It returns our female nature back to its sacredness and awakens and restores our female energies.

Relationships, upbringing, the stress and pressure of living in a masculine, modern world – all these things regularly disconnect us from awareness of our authentic female nature.

This technique is a way to raise a woman’s vibration, deepen her connection to the Divine Feminine and bring healing and sacredness to her femininity.


Receiving a Womb Blessing from a Moon Mother can be a healing, a rite of passage, stress relief, a return to who you are, and a path of personal or spiritual development and devotion.
It helps to:
⭐Awaken women’s ability to love
⭐Clear old patterns and blocks
⭐Heal the deep patterns of women’s ancestry and past
⭐Bring healing to all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
⭐Bring increasing self-empowerment, self-acceptance and self-love.❤️

The Womb Healing



In addition to the Womb Blessing, it can help to:

?Heal the four female archetypes that already awaken but might be depleted or blocked

?Activate and balance the flow of energy between the archetypes, brings balance to the menstrual cycle.

?Bring healing to the main three women centers, clearing and balancing the flow of energy between them.

It can be done in person for people living Atlanta, GA area either in the magic of your home or if you don’t feel comfortable with that I can also offer it in my home.

Book a session with me and I will be getting in touch with you in 24 hours from [email protected]