Work with Judit 1:1

You don’t have to do this alone, I am here to guide you and hold your hand.


I am here to support you, and your journey. I am not here to judge you but to hold a safe space for you and hold you accountable. I am here as your coach, but imagine me more like a teammate and not like a boss.

You will get the motivation, inspiration, support, accountability that you need.

You can finally get out of your head, put the weight down of your shoulders, and leave the desperation and doubts behind.

We will work through any blocks, challenges, struggles that have been stopping you.

You can be vulnerable and reconnect with your buried magic and desires, while I am holding a safe space for you. Where we can dig deep, and stop your self-sabotage and the negative self-talk.

You will get me as your personalized, cheerleading mentor, armed with all the tools, techniques, practices to help you transform your life.

I will prove to you that you are capable of so much more than you believed before. I will lead you back to MAGICAL, Divine Goddess who is ready to conquer the world and make all her dreams come true.

Together we will:

  • Get to the root of what’s been keeping you stuck and find your limiting patterns/habits
  • Create a vision and an action plan to move forward 
  • Get you on YOUR path with the tools YOU need to go for your dreams and become the person you want to become
  • Watch your life turn around and fill up with excitement, inspiration,  empowerment, courage and connection 

What is self-love coaching?

As a Self-love coach, I can help you find your way to your magical inner-goddess and self. The self that feels in control, empowered, connected, in-flow, confident, strong, and unstoppable, ready to conquer the world. I utilize my holistic training, Moon Mother training, and different self-love coaching techniques. Once you are connected with divine feminine magic, you can create a life full of fulfillment.

Your self-development journey can be accelerated and self-awareness can be enhanced through this type of coaching.

Self-Love Coaching can help if:

  • You find it challenging to have a loving, accepting relationship with yourself and you often let your negative inner critic take over
  • You feel lost, stuck, and need some clarity on how to move on in life
  • You feel disconnected from your inner self, intuition, and feminine power
  • You feel out of touch with your body and you live mainly from  a “go-go-go & hustle” energy instead of following your flow and different cycles
  • You can’t handle your different emotions,  instead of processing them you like to just sweep them under the rug, distract and numb yourself 
  • You have a hard time saying no, create healthy boundaries and you always want to meet other’s expectations
  • You don’t feel happy and fulfilled in your relationships
  • Your mind is scattered and you feel overwhelmed and all over the place often

What is health-coaching?

As a health coach, I am a supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices. I educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. To put it simply, I can be your guide in the fields of nutrition, wellness, bio-individuality and mentoring.

Health Coaching can help with:


Working on healthy eating and holistic living

  • Make changes to your diet and lifestyle for significant improvements to your health & well-being
  • Learn to prepare nutritious meals for yourself and your family
  • Get advice on choosing the ideal products for your kitchen to support healthful cooking
  • Get advice on non-toxic beauty & home
  • Gain knowledge about implementing superfoods, supplements into your daily routine
  • Learn how to live mindfully

Working on your stress management

  • Reduce and manage stress with different techniques & herbal supplements

Options for both coaching types

Sessions online or can be held in person in Atlanta, Ga area.

 3-week intro package

What is included?

3X50 minutes deep-dive sessions into 1 challenge/problem. *Sessions are weekly.

Note: We can only focus on one pressing and primary problem you struggle with within this time frame. We will be able to kick start the change and implement solution(s). These can be great breakthrough sessions as well.

 3-month package

What is included?

6 X 60-minute sessions. *sessions biweekly

-We are able to explore and go in-depth into more life areas
-Free entry to monthly online events, such as women circles
-3+ personalized meditations+visualization techniques
-Moon Oracle Card Pulling every other session
-Additional guides, printables, follow up notes, homework

-Email support in between sessions

Bonus: Vision and goal setting, Happiness Test, Circle of Life Exercise

Bonus with health coaching: Pantry makeover, Clean beauty, and clean home guides

 6-month package

The ultimate transformation package

This can be a good choice for you if you are ready to rock your world! 

This is the most effective program I offer because it can bring the most sustainable change due to its length. This is the program where I can guarantee the biggest change, and I can guide and help you the most since we can really dig deep with your current problems and cover a lot.

What is included?

-12 sessions (11 x 60 minutes, plus 1 x 90 minutes deep dive session with vision setting) *sessions bi-weekly
-Free entry to monthly online events, such as women circles
-8+ personalized meditations+visualization techniques
-Moon Oracle Card Pulling every session
-Additional guides, printables, follow up notes, homework

-Video recordings of each session sent to you

-Weekly intention and accountability workbook
-Voxer support in between sessions

Bonuses: Womb Blessing & Womb Healing Energy Session (only in person) if online then a Womb Connecting Goddess Meditation

-Soulspiration Journal and Journaling Questions
-Surprise Gift Package to help your self-love journey
-How to choose the love energy over fear method
-Personalized affirmation cards

If you feel like, you would want a different plan/package, feel free to message me at [email protected] and I am more than happy to discuss it with you!