We live in a society where comparison is so common.

Why can’t we stop comparing ourselves to others?

We keep comparing ourselves to other women, who are thinner, has more beautiful hair, more beautiful skin. We envy women who dress better than we do, who has a nicer car, who is more successful than we are.  We underestimate our own being because we think that they are better than we are. We doubt ourselves and question our own value because they are better at their jobs,  already found the love of their lives, or get their sh*t together.

We think we are not worthy enough, and we keep beating ourselves up because of it. We keep giving ourselves the negative self-talk, and feel like losers because we are not there yet, where they are in life… We feel less valuable, less worthy, less beautiful, and always make ourselves feel bad because we just “wish to be” like them, but we are not.

Why don’t we stop this madness?

Everyone is unique and different, with different values and amazing qualities. Thank God we are not the same, how boring our world would be.

Why do we think you are less than that others? Why can’t we just ACCEPT, LOVE, and HONOR ourselves the way we are? Why can’t we just accept where we are right now? Why can’t we be in the present moment and be grateful for what we have achieved so far, and all the struggles we went through? Why can’t we just celebrate our successes and who we’ve become to this day? Why can’t we just stop comparing ourselves to others and think that we are less than others with even a tiny bit?

I encourage you to drop this weight off of your shoulder, stop comparing yourself to everyone else from today officially, if you haven’t done yet, and start focusing only on yourself, your growth and your journey! Eager to become more day by day, a better version of YOURSELF and not someone else! I encourage you to be your own competition, aim to be more tomorrow than YOU were today!