When your life is busy, multiple things are happening at the same time, it is really easy to get overwhelmed, to have frazzled energy and to lose our everyday harmony. In this post, I will teach you simple, but effective techniques on how to get grounded and balanced in hectic times.

If you live abroad or far away from home like I do (I am originally from Hungary, living in the USA) then you know exactly how difficult it can be to feel settled and to stay grounded sometimes.

First, let’s discuss what being ungrounded means:

So when your energy is out of place and you are mentally, emotionally, physically ungrounded, then you tend to:

  1. Feel unsettled, restless
  2. Have a hard time concentrating/ focusing
  3. Can have trouble expressing yourself and communicating
  4. Feel anxious, shaky and doubtful a lot
  5. Have an urge to spend time outside

On the contrary, if you are grounded, usually your root chakra is working well and it is in balance. As a result of this, you feel safe, secure, settled, more connected to the Earth. Moreover, when you are constantly grounded, you will be able to focus, think clearer, be more confident, and be in the present moment more often as well.

Now here are a few tips and a meditation that will help you tremendously.

1. Be in nature

Sounds simple, but as simple it sounds as powerful it is! Walk barefoot in grass or sand, lay down in the grass, walk in a forest, or hug a tree! Mother Earth will not be greedy with the energetic charging and balancing you can get from her.

2. Eat grounding foods

Root vegetables (makes sense, huh:)) legumes (beans, lentils, peas), sweet vegetables, fish are all really good balancing and rooting foods. In other words, food that comes from the Earth / Water can be all grounding. Also, believe it or not, real raw chocolate (not the processed one, the real cacao one) can be very grounding as well, not to mention the high anti-oxidant level it contains in addition.

3. Yoga

Yoga is a magical way of reconnecting not only to yourself but also to the Earth because it is very grounding and relaxing. The mountain or the tree pose is good particularly.

4. Mantras

I love using mantras in my spiritual practice.

They help raise and adjust our vibrations, clear subconscious negative patterns and clear your energy, just to mention a few benefits. Mantras are typically in Sanskrit. They are best if chanted (even better if loud, because they can also open and clear the throat chakra). You can follow along with a mantra meditation or just pick one that you chant by itself in easy pose or with a Mala. (The Mala is kind of like has 108 beads and reciting a mantra is extremely powerful this many times at once)

I have my Mala made from white agate, which is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonizing body, mind, and spirit and the purple crystal part is Amethyst helps cleaning the mind of negative thoughts also stress and anxiety.


5. Meditation

The meditation I am sharing with you, can help you calm down, become relaxed, “grow roots to the ground”, rebalance your frazzledness. It can be a first aid anytime when you feel anxious, unsettled or just need some reconnection with peace.?‍♀️

Here it is:

Sit on a chair with your feet touching the ground, or sit on a pillow with your hand touching the ground. Make sure to have some kind of connection with the surface you are sitting at.
Be in nature if you can, especially close to water, a waterfall, a river, or the ocean.

Take a deep inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. Repeat this circle 3-5 times.

Imagine or visualize that you are growing roots through your root chakra deep down to the Earth. With every breath, your roots are going deeper and becoming stronger. You are becoming more and more grounded and rooted down in the Earth with every moment.

You are comfortable and feel calmer and calmer. 
Peace runs through your veins and fills up your body. You are smiling.

Now imagine that a beautiful bright light beam goes up connecting all your chakras and shoots out through your crown chakra up to the sky, to the Universe.

Crystal clear and gold colors are flowing back down to you. This calming, clearing, healing light pours into your physical and spiritual body, filling you and your aura up with comforting, fresh, cleansing energy. Just soak it all in, embrace it and bathe in this beautiful, glowing light ball.

Then repeat these sentences silently in your mind or say them out loud.

I am safe and secure. I am loved. I am in peace.

I am settled. I am at home. I am being taken care of.

The Universe has my back. All is well.

I allow myself to feel comfortable in my own skin, no matter what. I allow myself to belong, right here and right now.

I feel safe. I am grounded and balanced.

Repeat these as many times as you like.

Whenever you are ready, slowly start wiggling your toes and fingers, take a few deep breaths and slowly open your eyes. Welcome back! 

I hope you enjoyed the meditation and let me know what other ways you ground yourself, can’t wait to hear from you!

If you want to reconnect more to your inner-self and want to reach your highest potential with daily self-ritual practices feel free to reach out here, and I am more then happy to help you!