How to connect to your feminine power and be your true self in 2022

Let’s face facts. We all go through existential crises at some point in our lives. Questions like where we came from or are we more than this flesh and body always fascinate the curious souls. 


Is humanity ready to finally welcome a revolutionary change and dwell deep into the collective consciousness? It’s time that we break the shackles of ruminative and negative thoughts and discover our true nature!

What is the real meaning of True Self? 

The true self is one’s essence beyond the myriad form of life. Your true self is indestructible and invincible. It’s accessible to you as your own profound truth, your true nature. To regain the awareness of “true self” is your first step towards awakening. 


It is challenging to uncover your true self and connect with your divine feminine. But it’s crucial. There is a lot of noise and movement in our environment. As a result, we have been alienated from our source of inspiration and divine energy. Well, the solution is simple.  It’s time that we stop looking for inspiration outside the world and pay attention to something close to home: our body. We will find answers not by looking outside but by discovering our inner selves. This inner self is the accumulation of pure wisdom that provides comfort and guidance in times of suffering, along with the knowledge we require to make significant choices in our lives.


On closer inspection, we realize that we might have forgotten and been denied the divine feminine’s holy power throughout our lives. We have lost our capacity to heal, nurture, and alter ourselves and our environment without her. We deny ourselves the knowledge and holy power that belong to the creative cycles of life, containing the sacred mystery of divine love. Our true inner self has been masked due to our denial, and to rediscover it, we must connect with our divine feminine.

What is the Divine Feminine energy?

It is a sacred spiritual energy that exists within all of us. It represents parts of the consciousness that connects us to intuition, emotions, nurturing, receptivity and interconnection.

The feminine energy is your natural state of being. It incorporates tremendous attributes like empathy, generosity, creativity, connectivity, tenderness, grounding with strong boundaries, tapping into your divine wisdom,  trusting your intuition, and empowering others. 

Feminine energy is soft but not weak.  Moreover, it allows you to relax, nurture, connect, recharge, rebalance, and develop a positive perspective about things. When your feminine energy drives you, the concept of life becomes creative and meaningful. 

There’s this misconception that feminine energy is associated with women solely. However, feminine energy is the foundation of life, and we must balance both masculine and feminine energy to evoke our true selves.


Feminine energy fills our empty buckets with the juice and zest we need to keep going and fulfill our dreams. It provides the vision and blueprint necessary to attain enhanced creativity and brings about empathy. 


Empathy is at the core of the divine feminine, helping us develop powerful intuition, deep compassion, and good communication skills. The Divine feminine transforms your nature by giving you the abilities of kindness, understanding, forgiveness, and living from the heart, allowing you to form a relationship based on love, acceptance, and mutual trust.

How to connect to the Divine Feminine and true-self?

Feeding the Femininity

Connecting to divine femininity requires you to first awaken your feminine side. You can do this by practicing things that bring about your femininity. Getting up without an alarm clock and journaling your dreams could be a big part of honoring the feminine. Feeding the feminine first means that your day begins with a smile on your face, and you start building a link to your divine soul.


Practicing intuition

This begins with listening to the body’s subtle cues rather than the mind’s rationalizations. Making judgments too analytically is a trait of our male energy, and we need to balance this with our feminine energy. Allow your emotions to speak the truth to you.

 Begin by pausing before replying to questions. Ask yourself what you want, not simply what is convenient or reasonable.

Forming a deep connection with the body

The body is a sensual vessel. We lose our potential to produce pleasure when we ignore it.

Making time for self-massage is a fantastic habit to cultivate to attain a deep connection with your body. Starting with your feet is a historically revered grounding method. It reconnects us with our inner knowledge and strengthens our self-esteem.

These practices will make our body, the vessel of our feminine energy, more powerful to enhance our true self.

Bringing about feminine power

After strengthening the vessel, the next step is to start embracing your divine power.

Spend more time with friends that demonstrate empathy, sensitivity, and compassion. Refuse to disguise your actual sentiments. Be more verbal and outspoken. Develop a powerful intuition and let your feelings be free. Recognize your feelings of rage, despair, worry, or joy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeling happy or sad; just let yourself experience it.

Any type of creative expression or art can help you grow your divine feminine by stimulating your intellect and increasing your capacity for original thought. Dance, paint, and draw to tap into your feminine energy’s need for creation. 

Honor your body both inside and out by celebrating your natural cycle, moving your body, nourishing it, nurturing it, and taking care of it. Small steps may have big effects. If you can do one thing every day that brings you closer to your feminine side, you will relax, go deeper into your genuine balanced nature, and thrive.

Femininity and Self-expression

As you embrace your femininity, you start discovering your deepest desires that you have had for a long time but haven’t realized. You start to adapt to your vulnerable and emotional self. As you accept your weak sides, you tap into your divine energy and meet your true self, who has been hiding in the corners of your intuition.


A Man and Divine Feminity

It’s more difficult for men to integrate their inner feminine, but it’s just as critical for women to strengthen their inner masculine as it is for them. Most men search for this elusive goddess in the distance, but they don’t realize they’re searching for the everlasting goddess inside themselves. They often believe that a human woman embodies divine femininity. If you want to embrace your true identity, you must develop your inner vision, intuition, and ability to sense and connect with your female side.


She has to be rediscovered because she is part of the genuine wonder of life, not an emblem or a faraway story. Enough to perceive the unseen world inside that connects the inner and outer worlds. Awaken our power and knowledge, reconnect with the entirety of life, and rediscover our true selves. If we stay faithful to her, she will re-birth us into a world of wonder, pleasure, and creativity.

If you feel like you are ready to reclaim your divine feminine power and be the woman you were born to be, I am here to help you! Book a complimentary connection call here, and let’s chat!