In today’s post, I am sharing a protein “bomb,”  an AMAZING peanut butter & coconut bite recipe! 

Did you know that peanuts have a high protein content?  Above that, the peanut butter has the highest amount of protein of all the nutbutters!

Peanut butter is a healthy and yummy ingredient that can power up any sweets. Always check the label of the jar you buy though, to make sure it contains peanuts ONLY and it is organic!

When I crave something sweet, but I don’t really feel like making anything, I just take a spoon of peanut or almond butter, spread it on a banana, apple or sometimes even on a leaf of romaine lettuce and there you go, a quick solution for a sweet-tooth!;)

These peanut butter bites, by the way, are SUPER easy and quick to make! They are vegan, gluten and dairy-free.

I used honey, and a little bit of organic maple syrup for sweetening and the chocolate chips contain a little bit of sugar, but only in a small amount.

I found the recipe on the site of Tiphero?


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1. Prepare an 8X8 inch baking dish with parchment or wax paper and set aside, while making the goodies.

2. Combine the coconut oil, peanut butter, and honey in a medium saucepan. Heat and continuously stir the mixture on low heat until melted.

3. Add the chocolate chips to the mixture and stir until melted.

4. Add the rest of the ingredients; the 1 cup of shredded coconut, the rolled oats, the chopped pecans and the vanilla extract. Stir thoroughly until fully mixed. Make sure to keep an eye on it, because it can easily catch in the pan!

5. Pour it into the lined baking dish and sprinkle with the 1/4 cup of toasted coconut.

6. Refrigerate for approximately 3 hours, until firm.

Once they are firm, slice them into little squares and they are ready to destroy! ?

I am warning you, it will be hard to stop after one bite! ?

Leave a comment if you try it, I am eager to see how you liked it!