Hi, I’m Judit, a certified Holistic Health Coach, Self-Love Coach and Certified Moon Mother, who helps overwhelmed finding their way to their authentic self, living their dreams and reigniting their inner magic.

Do you consider self-love a luxury?

It’s rare for anyone to have a big amount of time for true self-care routine. I am not necessarily thinking about getting a mani-pedi or winding down with a glass of wine. Those might be great ways to relax too, but I rather mean the kind of self-care that will recharge your mind-body-soul at the same time.

And no, you don’t need an hour to do this every day either to incorporate better habits and grow in life.

When you were a little girl, you had visions of what your life would become once you grew up. But life has a way of taking you for many bumpy rides with unexpected turns. You pour yourself into work, maybe start building a life with someone, or even start a family.

While these things are beautiful and maybe even part of your plan, you learn that they require a lot of output and you’ve forgotten to leave any for yourself – for the woman you wanted to be.

Stress and overwhelm have wreaked havoc on your mind and body. Your calendar is filled to the brim and hardly leaves time or energy for mindful eating, exercise, especially for a self-care routine. 

But you want a change- you need a change, but where do you begin when there are so many different things out there?

Maybe you’ve tried a few alternative ways to get back on track or figure out what is working for you.

But somehow you keep getting stuck and not even trying and instead neglect that side of you that cries out for more inner-work and quality connection to your soul and higher-self.

Mindfulness, meditation, journaling, affirmations, moon rituals, how could you possibly find what’s working best for you?

Caring for yourself is not always simple and sometimes you just need some guidance and accountability.

That’s why I address your concerns with a holistic and individual approach – considering YOUR mind, body, spirit as a whole. I focus on how all areas of your beautiful but complicated life are connected and what could work for you the best matched with your lifestyle.

 I go further and deeper than just mindful eating or exercise. I will help get to the emotional roots of your issues and crush those self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.

I know it might be scary to go deep and take responsibility truly for your life. To take responsibility for the patterns you keep seeing in your life,  for the reflection you see in relationships and your carrier. I know, it takes effort, energy and sometimes it is painful to get through some stuff that you would rather keep untouched (and unsolved most of the time, and it will keep popping up in your life, sometimes even as an illness until you solve it)?

But you can choose to keep suffering where you’d rather not put the work on yourself and live only in the shadow of what your life could become.

Or you can choose to take a leap of faith with me as your guide, who holds your hand, holds you space and leads you out from the dark with some deep-inner (but SO worth it) work on yourself so you can live in alignment with who you truly are and unlock your inner magic.?✨

Connect with me so you can start having a healthy balance, deepened spirituality and just the perfect self-love and self- care routine you’ve been longing for.

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